Princess Diana’s Death in Paris

The Statue of Queen Astrid and Friend


In Paris when I heard the news, I was shocked that Princess Diana had died, and so close to where I lived too. I walked to the scene of the accident and took a few pictures. These statues were nearby, one of which depicts Queen Astrid of Belgium who also died in a car accident in the prime of her life. You can read about what I saw in the Chapter “In the Streets of Paris” of my book, Frenched: A Memoir.

Hardly anyone drove in the lane in the aftermath of Princess Diana’s accident, though the crash had been cleared away. Mourners draped a large British flag over the wall from the street above.
Hardly anyone drove in the lane in which Princess Diana’s car crashed earlier, though the accident had been cleared away, but many people were rubber-necking in the opposite lane.


Princess Diana actually died at Pitie’ Salpetriere in Paris. I traveled by Metro and took a picture of the flowers left there.




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