AudioBook coming!

Dear Website readers! I am excited to announce that I will sell an audio version of my book on Amazon in the near future. Watch this space for a release date 🙂

Oh lĂ  lĂ !

In France, I found romance, and a little more, but I couldn't put such adult content in my book. I have therefore created a chapter outside of my book, available for purchase of $.99 plus tax. It is titled, Non, Je Ne Regrette...Rien? but you may only read and/or purchase it if you are 18... Continue Reading →


From The Family in the Mountains, I made my way to Paris and never looked back. For all of 1997 and the first half of 1998, I lived in France. In this photograph of The Eiffel Tower, one can see the countdown toward the year 2000, so I believe I captured this shot just into... Continue Reading →

4. Vacations

Excerpt - "Almost there, I said to myself as I watched the landscape fall below. At least, the landscape gave the impression of falling. Truly, it never fell, but my perspective from the passenger side of the car created this sensation because the car, travelling one foot from the outermost edge of the road, sometimes... Continue Reading →

3. The Family in the Mountains

Excerpt - "Foggy from jet lag and an impromptu night of drinking, I struggled to get out of bed. The scent of stale cigarettes greeted me as I removed the duvet and discovered that I had slept in my clothes. Through the rustic pine shutters that actually closed over my one window, enough light penetrated... Continue Reading →

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